Balintawak Legacy – Gathering of Masters


Kapatiran Mandirigma, Ultimate Escrima and its Balintawak Family, cordially invite all FMA practitioners to a two day historical Balintawak gathering. The event will take place July 11-12, 2015 in Washington DC.


GM Sam Buot
GM Nene Gaabucayan Nene Gabz
GM Bobby Taboada
GM Crispulo “Ising” Atillo
GM Monie Velez
GM Ver Villasin
Master Zacarias Taco
Master David Hatch
Datu Tim Hartman
Master Rich Parsons
Master Eugene Racaza Nepangue
Master Cyrus Bongon
Guro Rino Balinado
Guro Jerome Teague
Josh Walker and Jojo Ygay – Tabimina Balintawak

Special Guest: Kapatiran Mandirigma founder GM Shelley Javier Millspaugh and Bapak Tristan E Sutrisno.

**Friday July 10th, Free Balintawak Introduction Class at Comfort Suites Banquet Room, 7:30pm. ***

Lodging is set. We have an excellent deal with the chosen hotel for our gathering. The hotel is a mere 5 minute drive to the seminar including free shuttle to/from Dulles Airport & to/from NOVA Field House.


All, the price is set and I’m taking pre-registration and donation (PayPal Only). I am trying to make this as affordable as I can for everyone. Below is the information:

Before June 1, 2015: 1 day = $130 2 days= $150

After June 1, 2015: 1 day= $140 2 days= $160

*Kids under 12 yrs old are $50 for 1 day or both days.

You can send your donation to Jhun Occidental via PayPal at

Please include all attendees name and whether they will be attending 1 day or both days.

Facebook event invite: Balintawak Legacy – Gathering of Masters

Lodging Info:

Comfort Suites Dulles Airport
13980 Metrotech Drive
Chantilly, VA 20151

The cost is $69.00 plus 12% tax (either King size bed w/sofa or Double Queen)

– Free shuttle to & from Dulles Airport
– Free shuttle to & from NOVA Field House
– Complimentary hot breakfast
– Complimentary Wi-FI
– No cancellation fee when reservation is cancelled 24 hrs prior to arrival.
– Literally next to shopping center with great restaurants.

I have blocked out rooms for our event and you must make reservations by June 5, 2015. When making a reservation please mention my name Jhun Occidental or Filipino Martial Arts. The rooms are going to go fast so I recommend you book it soon.

P.S. Masters and GM’s will also be staying at this hotel 🙂

If you are interesting in attending this event, please register via Facebook or through the contacts on this page. Payment will be through Jhun Occidental via PayPal. I am not the organizer and I am not directly affiliated with Kapatiran Mandirigma. I am only helping in promoting the event locally to those that may not be connected.


Kapatiran Mandirigma

International Balintawak

Additional information on Balintawak Eskrima from Wikipedia:

Balintawak Eskrima or Balintawak Arnis is a Filipino Martial Art developed by Venancio Bacon in the 1950s to enhance and preserve the combative nature of arnis which he felt was being watered down by other styles of Philippine martial arts. It is named after a small street in Cebu where it was founded.

In 1932, the Doce Pares Club was formed, composed of eskrimadors from the Saavedra and the Cañete family. This was headed by Lorenzo Saavedra. Venancio Bacon was among the first members of the Doce Pares Club and became one of its best fighters. According an interview in Bladed Hand, a Filipino documentary about Filipino martial arts, Grandmaster Ciriaco “Cacoy” Cañete said that Bacon was among the best fighters in the Doce Pares Club, second only to “Doring” Saavedra.

Bacon eventually left the Doce Pares Club, citing skepticism of the system’s combat effectiveness. Per information provided by T. Buot, the reason why V. Bacon did not rejoin the Doces Pares group as he felt that his alone vote would not have any weight against the Canete family. In the 1950s, together with Delfin LĂłpez Timoteo Maranga and others, Bacon established a new club, calling it the Balintawak Street Self-Defense Club. The newly formed club started training in the backyard of a watch shop owned by Eduardo Baculi, one of Bacon’s students, in the titular street, a small side street in the Colon St. area.

Ted Buot was the only student of GM Bacon to teach at his club in the back of the watch store. T. Buot would be teaching and Bacon would show up and Buot would hand him his stick to teach with. When Bacon was done he would hand the stick back to Buot and leave. During the 1950s and 1960s, eskrimadors from various camps, mainly Doce Pares and Balintawak, tested each other’s skills in all-out challenges, sometimes by arrangement and sometimes by ambush, often resulting in injuries and, more rarely, deaths. In one such ambush, Venancio Bacon was caught in the dark while walking to his home in Labangon, and killed his assailant by snapping his spine.[1] Bacon was tried and imprisoned, with the judge ruling that Bacon’s martial arts skills could be considered a lethal weapon[1] and should have been used with restraint. While in prison, he recruited further students, including Bob Silver Tabimina. Upon his release on parole in the mid-1970s, Bacon returned to Cebu and Balintawak. He did not resume leadership, but did regularly attended training sessions conducted by José Villasin and Teofilo Velez until his death a few years later. Per Buot, both Bacon and Buot were always welcome at many of the Doces Pares homes.

Balintawak Eskrima