Atlanta Filipino Martial Arts – Guro Benjamin Salas Clinic

Atlanta Filipino Martial Arts - Guro Benjamin Salas Clinic

Atlanta Filipino Martial Arts – Guro Benjamin Salas Clinic

February 01, 2015 at Atlanta Mat Club in Atlanta, GA.

Who: Guro Benjamin Salas
What: Filipino Martial Arts Affiliates Clinic (LucayLucay Kali and LaCoste-Inosanto System of Filipino Martial Arts)
Where: Atlanta Mat Club
Sandy Springs, GA 30342
When: 01 FEB 2015
Duration: 11:00am -1:00 pm
Tuition: $25

Filipino martial artists are noted for their ability to fight with weapons or empty hands interchangeably and their ability turn ordinary items into weapons of personal protection. This art is historically and tactically significant with equal emphasis placed on combat utility, artistic expression, and day-to-day graciousness.

Guro Ben holds instructorships under a number of prominent teachers including Dan Inosanto, Ted LucayLucay, and Herman Suwanda. Guro Ben was initially introduced to the Filipino and Indonesian martial arts in 1986 and expanded his knowledge every year since including numerous trips to the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. Benjamin Salas has had the opportunity to train with some of the finest practitioners in the world including: Larry Hartsell, Rick Faye, Burton Richardson, Greg Nelson, Fred Degerberg, Roger Luri, Steve Tarani, Marc Denny, Bambang Suwanda, Tubagus Bambang Sudrajat, Leo Giron, Edgar Sulite, Cacoy Cañete, Dionisio Cañete, Tom Sipin, Topher Ricketts, Ising Atillo, Remy Presas, Rich Lamoureaux, Nick Elizar, Norman Elizar, Mike Inay, and Cronnie Cabatingan.

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Additional information on Kali, Arnis, Eskrima, Escrima from Wikipedia.

Eskrima, Escrima, Arnis, and Kali are umbrella terms for the traditional martial arts of the Philippines (“Filipino Martial Arts,” or FMA) that emphasize weapon-based fighting with sticks, knives and other bladed weapons, and various improvised weapons. It is also known as Estoque (Spanish for rapier), Estocada (Spanish for thrust or stab) and Garrote (Spanish for club). In Luzon they may go by the name of Arnis de Mano, Pananandata (use of weapons), Sinawali (Pampanga, “to weave”), Sitbatan (Pangasinan), Didya and Kabaroan (Ilocos region). In the Visayas and Mindanao, these martial arts have been referred to as eskrima, kali, kaliradman, pagaradman and kalirongan. kuntaw and silat are separate martial arts practiced in the islands.

It also includes hand-to-hand combat, joint locks, grappling and weapon disarming techniques. Although in general, emphasis is put on weapons for these arts, some systems put empty hands as the primary focus and some old school systems do not teach weapons at all.